Bopp low noise tape

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BOPP tape is using BOPP film as backing and coated with water-based acrylic adhesive.used for carton sealing, wrapping, light-duty packaging and stationery purpose.
Feature:  Light-weight backing, high adhesion, high tensile strength, weather resistance, can be used in broad temperature range. Without Noise Pollution when use it !
Usage:  Packaging for boxes, cartons, etc., tying and bunding, also it can be wrapped for protection.
Type of Adhesive Water based acrylic adhesive
Film BOPP & OPP Film
Width36mm  48mm  50mm  72mm
Thickness35microns to 65microns
CoreDiameter 3"(76mm) paper core

Bulk、Blister card, label sticker, Shrink film pack, Printed

shrink film pack, Candy bag, card, printed box, CDU,PDQ

ColorClear, Brown, Tan, Red, Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Green etc.
Backing:Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene
Adhesive: Emulsion Pressure Sensitive Water Based Acrylic
Total Thickness38mic40mic43mic45mic48mic50mic55mic65mic
Film Thickness23mic25mic25mic25mic28mic28mic30mic40mic
Adhesive Thickness15mic15mic18mic20mic20mic22mic25mic25mic
180°Peel Adhesion (kg/25mm)≥0.5≥0.5≥0.6≥0.6≥0.6≥0.65≥0.7≥0.7
Holding Power (Hrs)>24>24>24>24>24>24>24>24
Tensile Strength (kg/in)≥8.0≥9.0≥9.0≥9.0≥10.0≥10.0≥11.0≥15.0
Elongation (%)>110>120>120>120>130>130>140>160
Initial Tack≥15#(J.Dow Mcthod)≥15#≥15#≥19#≥19#≥19#≥20#≥23#≥23#
< 50mm (PSTC--6)
Note: The above technical parameters only served as typical or representative, and do not constitute any guarantee or responsibility.

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